I, like most women, am many things.  I’m a Mom, I work full time, I’m a wife/middle sister/daughter/friend, I host an online entertaining show called The Greater Boston Gala Girls and I really, REALLY love a nice bottle of Cabernet.

I live just outside of Boston and have three kids…Ben is 11, Georgia is 7 and Quinn (he’s a he) is 3.  For two years I wrote a weekly column for the Dedham Patch called “Tales of a Tireless Mom.”  I didn’t name it and always hated that title because, well, I AM tired.  What working Mom isn’t?  Anyhow…

The paying gig finally ended and while I thought having one less thing to do would be nice, I missed adding to the literary scrapbook I’d built.  Therefore, welcome to my new project, “Notes from the Ledge.”  The goal is to entertain and probably make you feel better about the parenting job that you’re doing (I mean, I’m literally ignoring my pre-schooler’s demands to get up from his nap as I type this).  And for all my fellow working sisters out there, this should make for great reading while you’re dialed in – but not paying attention to – conference calls.

My house is usually messy, I wear yoga pants every chance I get (although they’ve never seen the inside of a yoga studio), the kids don’t always eat healthy food and often watch age-inappropriate TV.  If any of this sounds like you, then pour yourself a cup of coffee or glass of wine and join the madness.  At my crazy party, there’s always room for one more.