Weekend recap and Mom perks

Revived Notes from the Ledge last week!  By the grace of God (or Steve Jobs) I actually remembered how to write, edit and add a picture to a blog post which totally surprised me.  And completely unlike myself, I did it quickly and with very little editing or over-thinking.  Okay, I may have gone back after posting and made a few changes but pfft, Rome wasn’t built in a day.  It’s a start.

2017 Concern: I’m terrified that I’m going to break the new glass coffee pot when I’m over-zealously scrubbing it each morning (after two cups of coffee, I feel like She-Woman).

2017 Solution: currently hoarding the 473 Bed Bath & Beyond coupons in my purse just to be safe (spits twice and makes the sign of the cross quickly).




Dropped Georgia and her friends off to see Rogue One last Friday and had this text exchange with my favorite little stalker once they entered the theatre, so THAT made my night.  Being able to tease our own children is a sacred right that we as parents possess.



Big win: Georgia and her friend asked for help with their math homework yesterday.  Needed to convert 3/8 into a percentage.  Although I was completely second-guessing my methods, I got it right and explained how it was done.  They seemed modestly satisfied with the lesson but I felt like I had just summited Everest.  It’s the little things.

Highlight of the weekend: watching The BFG with Andy and Quinn on Friday night and having Q tell us what would happen next because they read the book in his First Grade class (a first for him; hopefully not the last).  Seeing him fall over laughing when Queen Elizabeth and her staff fart uncontrollably from the green champagne they were drinking made my heart melt.

Again…the little things.

2 thoughts on “Weekend recap and Mom perks

  1. hi! i’m loving these posts (but i have to register on wordpress to actually “like” it and that is frankly too much work for me at this point…i know you can relate). So glad you are putting fingertips to keyboard again!

    happy new year! Gabrielle


    • Ha! I get it, believe me. You can also follow the blog via email (on the right hand rail) and you’ll get an email every time there’s a new post. AND (if you are really looking to flex your technology muscle) you can like the facebook page where I’ll post too (although I think you have to opt to follow the page so it show up in your newsfeed and)…

      My head hurts. Thanks for reading, my friend 🙂

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