(Spelling) Words to live by.

While I may dread having Ben ask me for help on his 6th grade math homework (math iz hurd), I have an almost giddy anticipation when it comes to checking Georgia’s spelling.

photo-12Anyone who remembers what second grade is like knows that they’ve moved past learning how to read and into spelling different words and using them correctly.  Georgia’s Monday homework each week is to learn 10 practice words and use them in a sentence.

So help me if she reads this week’s post (I’m not worried; her time is limited, as there are SO many Teen Nick reruns to catch up on), but I’ve taken the liberty of compiling some of my favorite sentences of late.  I’m intrigued by not only what goes through her head as she’s writing these but also what her teacher must think of our family.

  1. “I’m not a human bean,” said BFG.  (Clearly, we need to annunciate better.)
  2. Quinn can’t settle down.  (Understatement of the year.)
  3. I have a iPad.   (Yet, all the technology in the world can’t teach a child that it’s AN iPad, not A iPad.)
  4. I like bubbles.  (A complex child, my Georgia is.)
  5. I’m a young lady(Debatable.)
  6. I don’t like gravy(Untrue.  I have seen her at Thanksgiving.  This sentence is a COMPLETE fabrication for the purposes of the assignment.)
  7. I have a good odor(Note to self: work with Georgia on finding different ways to use the word “odor” in a sentence without referring to her own…er, “scent.”)
  8. I like magnets.  (It’s true, she does like magnets.  She’s only human.)
  9. photo-13I’m not that crazy.  (Crazy, yes.  THAT crazy?  Aww HELLS no.)
  10. My Mom uses a curling iron.  (I don’t even OWN a curling iron!  Unless she’s talking about how I styled my awesome bangs in 1986, this makes no sense and I intend on telling her teacher so.)
  11. My Dad is a grouch when he doesn’t get ice cream when he wants it.  (Although I never knew Andy to be so adamant about dessert, I’ll be sure to pay closer attention to the grocery list.  I mean, nobody likes a grouch.)
  12. I like to prowl money into my piggy bank from my mom and dad.  (WHAAATTTT?  Girlfriend is stealing from us?)
  13. It is messy all through out my house.  (In my defense, Miss Piazza, I work full time and my cleaning people only come once a month and my husband never picks up his clothes and the toys seem to multiply and actually walk out of the playroom and, well, I can’t possibly keep up with it, FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY I’M TRYING!)
  14. My Mom reads a book on a nook(Not the kind of nook her teacher was getting at but still, props for the shout out…Barnes and Noble, HOLLA.)

And my favorite of all was from last week:

15. When my mom says she loves me I can tell she is being sincere.

I guess that makes up for the slanderous curling iron statement.  Sweet, sweet Georgia.

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